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The team at Naturaplaza organic food store

The organic food store Naturaplaza is a young company and was founded at the beginning of 2012 under the name "Steviahouse". In 2019 the name was changed to Naturaplaza, this reflects the product range better. Because In addition to selling Stevia products, the range has greatly expanded in those first 7 years.

However, as a tribute to our old name, the "Steviahouse" brand has continued to exist for all stevia products. This way, our customers do not have to say goodbye for good

In our nature shop we offer visitors the opportunity to choose from our selection of natural products and products of natural origin for appropriate prices. In addition to a selection of stevia products, we have selected products for our online nature store which we believe should not be missing in your conscious and healthy lifestyle.

Behind the scenes at nature shop Naturaplaza

At the moment we are working with several enthusiastic employees within Naturaplaza and together we try to achieve the set goals.

Naturaplaza works together with wholesaler VehGro B.V.. VehGro is specialized in the wholesale of organic ingredients. Because we buy directly from the importer, we can always offer our customers the best quality at the most competitive prices. All our products are packaged and sold by VehGro. They also take care of the entire logistical handling. 


Quality and qualification

Stevia products sold in health food stores are checked within European union and according to standard European standards, NEM approved in Germany and are of pharmacy quality.

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Most of our food and care products carry the recognizable BIO quality mark, which stands for 100% controlled organic and reliable. In addition, all products are packaged under the FSSC-22000 certificate.

The Himalayan salts sold in our natural shop come from northern Pakistan and is 100% natural. The salt from our natural shop is continuously tested as a foodstuff in Germany by Bioanalytik Hamburg GBA, with ISO9001 and HACCP certificates.

The natural (organic) care products from our natural shop are natural products and some Najel Aleppo soaps have the Bio label. 


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