Alassala Tonic Moroccan rose water 125 ml

Alassala Moroccan rose water tonic is by nature a pure and natural care product. it has the familiar rose scent. It cleanses your skin and soothes troubled skin. Rose water tonic is suitable for every skin type!
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Alassala Moroccan rose water tonic is a pure and natural skincare product, known for its unmistakable and irresistible aroma. It is also known for the positive effect it has on your skin. It is a cleanser that also directly maintains the hydration of your face.


Bio Rosa damascena (roses) flower distillate


Apply it gradually to your face and neck, using a cotton pad to cleanse and refresh your skin if desired.

Alassala rose water toner is suitable for all skin types. This is free from artificial or synthetic ingredients.


Alassala rose water tonic is an aluminium bottle with a spray cap, 125 ml.


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