Dog bladder spray 50 ml

For unwanted urination while sleeping in the couch, this medicine helps Aromed BLAAS to strengthen the sphincter against unintentional urination and for nervous or frightened dogs who let their urine run. Moreover, it smells nice and ensures that the ...
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    In the event of accidental loss of urine, the dog is unable to control urination and as a result loses unwanted urine, often while sleeping. it also occurs in the nervous or frightened dog who spontaneously runs their urine in a certain situation that is frightening to them.

    There are various reasons why conscious or unconscious urinary loss may occur in the dog. The most common cause of incontinence in both the male and female is a reduced urethral closure response. This can occur, for example, after cstration / sterilization, which reduces testosterone / estrogen concentrations. Incontinence occurs regularly in older dogs, but it can also occur in animals of other ages.

    Aromed Bladder helps to strengthen the sphincter against unconscious urination and for nervous or frightened dogs.


    50 ml spray bottle


    Shake well before use and spray 2-3 times a day on the genitals.

    Storage advice / shelf life:

    Keep cool and dry.

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