Bathing brush with handle

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    Bath Brush with Handle

    This bath brush with handle is made of beech wood and is 49 cm long including handle. The handle of the brush is removable so the brush can easily be used without the handle. The bristles of the brush are medium-hard and are made of sisal hair and horsehair. This bath brush is specially designed to clean the hard to reach areas on your body

    How to use the bath brush?

    Use the brush wet with some shower/bath foam in the shower or bath. Make smoothing or circular movements and then rinse. Use the brush dry and brush or make circular movements on dry skin. After a few minutes brushing the skin will turn red, the blood circulation is stimulated.

    Premium Bathing brush with handle

    Bathing brush with handle from Accesoire isa product of premium quality. It was created with consideration and care for people and nature.

    A useful accessory from Naturaplaza

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