Celtic seasalt

Celtic seasalt

Celtic seasalt

The extraction

Celtic Sea Salt is hand-made according to Celtic tradition thousands of years old. Celtic sea salt is extracted in the Guérande region in French Brittany. Seawater from the ocean is led through channels through shallow clay marshes. The processes that then occur give the very specific properties of the Celtic Sea Salt.

- The acidic clay neutralizes the very alkaline seawater
- The sodium content of the seawater is reduced from 98% to 90%, creating the most sodium-deficient sea salt
- The clay has a purifying effect on the salt, neutralizing impurities in the seawater.

Kortom the Celtic sea salt is, therefore, a special salt with very specific properties.

Celtic sea salt - the process

The entire purification process in the canals takes about two weeks. After this period, the saltwater is collected in a basin, where the seawater evaporates through the sun. Evaporation leaves only the salt crystals, after which the paludier (salt extractor) can extract the salt by hand.

The uniqueness of Celtic sea salt is that the salt is not dried and refined afterwards. As a result, the original minerals remain present in the Celtic salt. As a result, the Celtic salt is completely free of contaminants from seawater.

The unique feature of Celtic sea salt is that it is not dried and refined afterwards.

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