Forms of diabetes

There are two forms of diabetes: diabetes 1 or type 1 is incurable and is less common. This type is caused by the pancreas not producing insulin. In diabetes 2, type 2, the pancreas hardly produces any insulin or the person has insulin resistance.

Sugar disease and blood sugar

Eating (extremely) a lot of sugar can cause a disturbed blood sugar level. Sugars and other refined products (such as white bread and white pasta) rapidly increase blood sugar levels. This gives a feeling of energy. That's why you get such a need for something with sugar when you feel tired. But the body doesn't like it when the blood sugar level suddenly rises, especially when that happens often. When the blood sugar level rises quickly, the body takes emergency measures to lower the blood sugar level. If you eat often and a lot of refined products such as sugar, at some point the body will work too hard to lower the blood sugar level (insulin production). This causes a disturbance in your body and can eventually cause a lot of complaints including diabetes.

Sugar Disease and Nutrition

As we know, people with diabetes should choose their diet very carefully. In nature, many products can be found that are suitable for diabetics. 

Some of these products are stevia and Curcuma (Curcuma turmeric). Stevia is suitable for people with diabetes because it does not increase blood sugar. Curcuma is known as a herb, which has a flavor-enhancing effect but this herb is also attributed many healthy properties, including the support of the glucose household.   

Aware of alternative sweeteners such as stevia extract?


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