How to make kefir milk

How to make kefir milk

How to make kefir milk

Shelf life milk kefir

For extending the shelflife of the Kefir

take into account

- Milk kefir drinks, up to 5 days in the refrigerator.
- Milk kefir granules up to 7 days in milk up to 3/4 filled bottle up to one week. Then consume the drink and reuse kefir granules as described above.
- Keep Milk Kefir granules longer than one week. Same procedure as above, however, add 50% extra milk per week (note larger contents required)
Make sure everything is clean!
- Keep kefir granules preferably in the freezer for more than 4 weeks but is not recommended. To do this, rinse the pellets, dry them carefully with a clean tea towel. Put the pellets in a container with the addition of powdered milk. Powdered milk has a protective effect. After resting the pellets for a few minutes in cold glass water and rinse with cold water using a sieve. The fermentation process must now be restarted by putting the pellets in a preserving bottle and add milk (1:3 pellets: milk). Sieve pellets every 24 hours and continues to do so even if the pellets are not yet working. this may take a week or longer. If the fermentation process starts slowly add milk again until the desired amount is reached.
- Kefir pellets longer rest period (up to a maximum of 1.5 years) can be drying, which is not recommended and described here.

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