Seasonal fruit and vegetables

Seasonal fruit and vegetables

Seasonal fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables of the season

There are so many reasons to eat fruit and vegetables of the season!

It's better for the environment, it's tasty, it's cheaper and it's better for your health and that's what we're all striving for.
A lot of people already try to eat organic or buy their fruit and vegetables from a local farmer/grower, so directly from the land or the fruit tree. 
In the first place because then there are no pesticides on it. And secondly, because no artificial fertilizer is used in organic farming to make the crops grow faster. Everything grows and ripens the way Mother Nature conceived it, naturally at her own pace. You can see that not only in the fruit and vegetables, but you also taste it!

Mother Nature has her own calendar

Men also says:

Who eats of the season uses the wisdom of Mother Nature

She gives us exactly the fruit and vegetables we need.
In the spring these are the bitter, green crops and herbs that clean us inside.
The summer gives us fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water and keep our moisture levels right, such as cucumber, strawberries and others. In autumn, it's the varieties that prepare us for winter and the viruses that come, such as broccoli, potatoes and pumpkin. And in winter, they give us lots of starchy tubers, carrots, nuts and seeds to keep us well-nourished and warm. 

Eating in season keeps your resistance up and protects you against the viruses that are common at that time. A nice example is a broccoli which is now available again in autumn.

Broccoli is a real autumn vegetable and contains exactly the vitamins that are important during the changing temperatures and weather conditions of these days. Vitamin B1 for energy, vitamins A and B6 to support the immune system and vitamin C.


The power of nature and its fertile soil!

It is a good idea to buy apples or beans grown here in the Netherlands, especially during the period that it grows here or has just been harvested. Actually better than buying fruit or vegetables from Spain or Africa, of which we know that we buy and eat pesticides, glazing agents etc!

It is also more sustainable, organic or not to buy locally, because transport this alone is environmentally damaging and expensive. What's more, the quality of the fruit and vegetables does not improve during such a long journey.

How about finding an address near where you can buy vegetables from your own area? 
Or fruit? Pay attention to the roadside signs, there are plenty of them when it comes to harvesting. Asparagus, strawberries, apples, pumpkins... Go out and make a nice trip with your children or a friend and come home with new memories, healthy fruits and vegetables!

You want to know what fruits and vegetables each month gives us, look here!

...Or grow your own!

And that doesn't have to be an official allotment or vegetable garden right away, but to start with you can either start with a square metre garden, a wooden box or even easier with the Bag to Nature home grower sets. Even in this period of autumn, where starting outdoors with a vegetable garden is not really an option, you can grow your own vegetable or herb with the Bag to Nature sets. Just a little love and watering!  When it's time for the vegetable garden, you have already practised a little indoors. 

Interested in self-cultivation?

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