Water of life

Water of life

Water of life

Water of life applications

In most cases nowadays, our lifestyle means that we are not able to get all the elements needed for good health from the food we eat.

In addition, environmental pollution exposes us to all kinds of foreign substances. These toxic substances have to be removed by the body, but when there are insufficient possibilities the substances are stored as toxins in the fatty tissue. This manifests itself, for example, in inflammations (often in the limbs/tips of the body), fatigue and loss of concentration.

How to make Water of life

Celtic Sea Salt or halite salt chunks are very suitable for making a salt sole/ Water of life.

A "salt sole" is a saturated solution of 1 of the above salts in water. The weck glass can be filled with normal spring water. Fill the glass with so much salt that a certain amount of salt remains undissolved after 4 hours. Add salt if necessary.

After about 4 hours a saturated solution is formed and the sol is ready for use. The salt sole normally has an unlimited shelf life and can be refilled with water until the crystals are (almost) dissolved.

Use salt drinking cure

Do not put the concentrated saline solution in direct sunlight because of possible algae formation.

The undiluted (concentrated) saltsole can for example be used as:

- External use for sprains, insect bites;
- External use for swelling and other skin disorders.

In addition, it can be used internally in a diluted form. For example, take a glass of spring water every morning for 2 months, in which one teaspoon of the concentrated solution has been added. 

Interested in salt for a drinking cure?

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