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  1. 7 Mushrooms mix Organic
    7 Mushrooms mix Organic SKU: 46470-conf
    As low as €8.49
  2. Acai Powder freeze-dried Organic
    Acai Powder freeze-dried Organic SKU: 40001-conf
    As low as €7.97
  3. Acerola Poeder Biologisch
    Acerola Powder Organic SKU: 80001-conf
    As low as €9.27
  4. Adukibonen heel Biologisch
    Aduki beans Whole Organic SKU: 45310-conf
    As low as €2.39
  5. Afrikaans Parelzout 2-4 mm
    African Pearl Salt 2-4 mm SKU: 30163-conf
    As low as €2.96
  6. Afrikaans Sneeuwvlokkenzout 1-2 mm
    African Snowflakes Salt 0.1-3 mm SKU: 30165-conf
    As low as €2.77
  7. Agave Powder Inulin Organic
    Agave Powder Inulin Organic SKU: 40084-conf
    As low as €3.64
  8. Agave Siroop
    Agave Syrup Light Organic SKU: 40083-conf
    As low as €27.95
  9. Piment Poeder BIO
    Allspice Powder Organic SKU: 80104-conf
    As low as €4.86
  10. Piment Heel Biologisch
    Allspice Whole Organic SKU: 80103-conf
    As low as €4.80
  11. Amandelmeel wit Biologisch
    Almond Flour white Organic SKU: 42950-conf
    As low as €4.43
  12. Amandelpaddenstoel Poeder Agaricus blazei Biologisch
    Almond Mushroom Powder Agaricus Blazei Organic SKU: 80195-conf
    As low as €12.33
  13. Amandelen gebroken geblancheerd BIO
    Almonds broken blanched Organic SKU: 45240-conf
    As low as €4.40
  14. Almonds roasted with Tamari Organic
    Almonds roasted with Tamari Organic SKU: 42710-conf
    Out Of Stock
  15. Amaranth zaad heel biologisch
    Amaranth Seeds Organic SKU: 45140-conf
    As low as €2.18
  16. Anijs Poeder kiemarm Biologisch
    Anise Powder germ-reduced Organic SKU: 80003-conf
    As low as €4.35
  17. Anijszaad Heel BIO
    Anise Seeds Whole Organic SKU: 80002-conf
    As low as €4.27
  18. Apple Cider Vinegar Organic
    Apple Cider Vinegar Organic 10L SKU: 46330-conf
    As low as €39.14
  19. Apple Diced Organic
    Apple Diced Organic SKU: 80004-conf
    As low as €4.51
  20. Apple Powder Freeze-Dried Organic
    Apple Powder Freeze-Dried Organic SKU: 56940-conf
    As low as €8.00
  21. Arrowroot Poeder Biologisch
    Arrowroot Powder Organic SKU: 80208-conf
    Out Of Stock
  22. Ashwagandha Powder Organic
    Ashwagandha Powder Organic SKU: 40070-conf
    As low as €3.40
  23. Asparagus Powder White Organic
    Asparagus Powder White Organic SKU: 58700-conf
    As low as €5.67
  24. Bamboezout Gebrand Fijn < 0.1 mm
    Bamboo Salt Roasted Fine < 0.1 mm SKU: 30167-conf
    As low as €3.58
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Holyflavours - The Organic Own Brand - Provided by Earth

Many products on Naturaplaza are of the Holyflavours brand. Holyflavours is the organic house brand of the Naturaplaza tastemakers. Holyflavours stands for an absolute taste sensation for everyone. Every body is sacred and deserves the very best nutrition!

We have chosen to create a unique organic house brand for our own products, as this allows us to distinguish our products. With our vision Provided by Earth we offer healthy food to everyone. Every body is sacred and with our range of organic, healthy and tasty products, we want to ensure that everyone gets the best nutrition to best care for the body.

Biologically certified

The products of Holyflavours are always certified organic with the BIO label! This label stands for 100% controlled organic and reliable. The selected products come from different regions of the world. In Europe, these products are checked and packed.

Organic means free from all kinds of additives such as sugars and fats. Also, organic products meet the European requirements with regard to pesticides. The quality of our products is regularly checked and this ensures that the products are made with a focus on proper care for people and the environment.

Healthy products of premium quality!

Our Holyflavours products

The brand Holyflavours has various types of products in all available categories: such as organic herbs and spices, organic superfoods, organic peppers, natural salts and natural sweeteners. For supplements, check out the special house brand for supplements, called Nutrikraft.

Famous herbs and spices of the Holyflavours brand are, for example, various spice mixes, Turmeric powder and Cinnamon powder. These products can be used by everyone as seasoning in various dishes. Besides Holyflavours there are several other herbal brands including Bag-to-Nature.

Superfoods are fruits and plants that have essential nutrients. Our superfoods are divided into the following subcategories: mushroom powders, fruit and vegetable powders and fibres. The superfoods from Holyflavours are 100% natural and therefore free from additives for taste, smell and preservatives.

Holyflavours chillies and salts come in countless varieties. A world will open up for you when you see for example which mineral salts are available! Our salts and chillies are available in versions ranging from the finest powders to coarse granules and whole chillies.

Finally, there are also various natural sweeteners in the form of raw sugars and sweetener powders. Examples of raw sugars are: Maple sugar, Raw cane sugar and Palm sugar Arenga. Examples of sweetener powders are: Date powder, Agave powder and Glucose DE 97 Dextrose powder. The raw sugars from Holyflavours are 100% natural and a good substitute for standard table sugar.These sweetener powders are great to use in various drinks and foods.

These sweetener powders are great to use in various drinks and foods.

The products of Holyflavours are very varied, so there are suitable ingredients available for every holy body. With the help of these healthy and tasty products you can be sure that you take good care of your body!

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