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Dudu Osun black soap

... the secret of natural beauty

Dudu Osun, the original Black Soap is still produced in an original way. Dudu Osun consists of several natural caring ingredients that have been known in Africa for centuries for their purifying properties.

Natural ingredients from Dudu Osun:

Shea butter

Shea butter is extracted from the fruits of the shea tree. It is a natural moisturizing cream suitable for all skin types. Shea fruit is one of the few natural sources of cinnamic acid. It also contains vitamins A and E. Vitamin A keeps the skin soft and supple. contains Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant.

Aloë Vera

Aloe Vera moisturizes, reduces perspiration and masks body odour. It helps you feel fresh all day long.

Pure honey

Gathered from the wilderness makes honey a source of good qualities. It contains antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. 


Sandalwood can only be found in the densely wooded areas of African rainforests. The wood is widely used and has a characteristic red colour. Sandalwood is also very versatile in the cosmetic world. 

Citrus extract

Fresh lemons and limes have been used for centuries as a source of natural fruit acids. They work like a toner and refresh the skin, giving it a younger look. The juice has a cooling and stimulating effect, removes dead skin cells and improves blood circulation.


A natural moisturizer and emollient. Glycerin is a well-known and frequently researched substance that can moisturize the skin. The glycerine in Dudu Osun is pure natural, it is a substance that is created during the production of the soap and therefore not a chemical addition!

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