Chia Seeds Black Organic

  • Natural protein source
  • Can increase your resistance
  • Can provide more energy
  • Chia seed contains essential fatty acids
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The chia plant is native to South and Central America where it was first cultivated over 4,000 years ago. The Aztecs, Mayas and other Native American tribes made extensive use of this important crop.

The composition of chia seed makes it an ideal source of slow-release energy with more protein and omega-3 fatty acids than any other plant-based diet. Alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid. Chia seed also contains anti-oxidants and various minerals.

Chia seeds are surrounded by soluble fiber and can absorb up to 7x their own weight in water, creating a mucous gel. This may explain how chia can satiate the appetite for so long because the seeds swell in size to fill the stomach. Chia seeds also contain proteins, minerals, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium.


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Nutritional condition:

Nutritional value per 100 g, vitamins and minerals% RDA per 100 g *

Energy 1750 kJ / 432 kcal
Protein 22.6 g
Fat 27.6 g
-of which saturated 2.5 g
-of which mono-unsaturated 1.4 g
-of which poly-unsaturated 22.2 g
-of which Omega-3 17.2 g
Carbohydrates 4.8 g
-of which sugars 0.9 g
Fiber 32.5 g
Sodium Tracks


Usage advice:

Add 1-3 teaspoons of chia seeds 1-3 times a day to muesli, yogurt, salad, smoothie, bread dough or soup. In contact with water, the seeds swell slightly and secrete a gel. This is a natural process and the gel can simply be drunk.

The fastest and easiest way to use chia seeds is to add a tablespoon to a glass of fruit juice. Leave this for 5 minutes and stir again.

Allergy advice:

These products may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy and milk products.

Storage advice/shelf life chiaseed:

When kept dry and dark, the chia seeds will last for years.

Disclaimer: The above information is NOT medical or therapeutic advice. Any textual errors reserved. We always recommend that you consult supplements with a qualified physician or therapist. A dietary supplement does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

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