Gift Box Matcha Set

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    Matcha Gift Box

    This matcha gift box has all the accessories you need to make delicious matcha tea. Complete with matcha bowl, matcha whisk, matcha spoon and matcha whisk holder.

    Matcha comes from the Japanese prefecture of Aishi and has a strong aroma and taste. Matcha contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and caffeine.

    Matcha Tea Ceremony

    In Japan there is a whole culture around Matcha and drinking Matcha Tea. Making Matcha Tea the traditional way is even a whole ritual. This gift box contains all the accessories you need to make ceremonial Matcha Tea. With the traditional ritual of Matcha preparation, relaxation begins before the first sip.

    1. Spoon 1 to 2 scoops (to taste) of (ceremonial) Matcha powder into the bowl with the matcha spoon.
    2. Now add one cup of warm water (not warmer than 80 degrees Celsius) to the bowl.
    3. Whip the matcha well into the water with the bamboo matcha whisk with movements in a W shape.
    4. Wash out the matcha whisk under the hot tap and then slide it upside down over the whisk holder to dry safely and cleanly.
    5. The matcha tea is now ready. Enjoy and relax!

    Premium Gift Box Matcha Set

    Gift Box Matcha Set from Accesoire isa product of premium quality. It was created with consideration and care for people and nature.

    A useful accessory from Naturaplaza

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