In our pepper accessories range, you will find various products to make the most of the peppers you buy. Our accessories are of good quality and have a modern look.

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In the Netherlands we love pepper. Together with salt it is one of the most used seasonings in our food. A fried egg, a steak, a soup or a sauce; in fact there is always pepper. To be able to use the pepper, you need accessories and at Naturaplaza you will find everything you need to store, scatter or grind your pepper. If you buy organic peppercorns, then a good accessory should not be missing.

Our range of pepper accessories

In our range of pepper accessories, you will find several products. There are pepper mills which you use to grind your grains. We also offer a mill set, which you use to do this manually and possibly add other spices from our range to mix. You will find airtight storage jars for your pepper, to keep it dry and the flavour doesn't disappear. This way you not only buy quality pepper, but you also store it as it should be.

Our organic chillies for your mills

In our range you will find all kinds of pepper, such as green pepper, red pepper, black pepper, pink pepper and chili powder. All our products are organic and of high quality. We work closely together with Vehgro, a wholesaler for organic food and can therefore guarantee the best quality and quick delivery. If you buy a nice pepper mill, it should be accompanied by a quality and special organic pepper, such as the pink pepper berry from Brazil.

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