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Welcome to our super spices page. Here you will find various spices which, in addition to their delicious taste, are also known for their healthy properties. These spices are packed with vitamins and minerals, making them a healthy addition to various dishes.

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  1. Basilicum Gesneden kiemarm Biologisch
    Basil Cut germ-reduced Organic SKU: 80007-conf
    As low as €3.42
  2. Basilicum Poeder kiemarm Biologisch
    Basil Powder germ-reduced Organic SKU: 80008-conf
    As low as €3.50
  3. Kardemom in schil Poeder Biologisch
    Cardamom Powder Organic SKU: 80018-conf
    As low as €8.63
  4. Kardemomzaad Heel Biologisch
    Cardamom Whole Organic SKU: 80019-conf
    As low as €11.01
  5. Kardemom in schil Heel BIO
    Cardamom With Peel Whole Organic SKU: 80017-conf
    As low as €11.29
  6. Bieslook Gesneden Grof Biologisch
    Chives Cut Germ Reduced Organic SKU: 80113-conf
    As low as €4.52
  7. Kaneel Stukjes 3-6 mm Cassia BIO
    Cinnamon Pieces 3-6 mm Cassia Organic SKU: 80144-conf
    As low as €4.44
  8. Kaneel Poeder Cassia BA BIO
    Cinnamon Powder Cassia BA Organic SKU: 80141-conf
    As low as €4.58
  9. Kaneel Poeder Ceylon Biologisch
    Cinnamon Powder Ceylon Organic SKU: 46630-conf
    As low as €4.27
  10. Kaneel Stangen 7 cm Cassia Biologisch
    Cinnamon Sticks 7 cm Cassia Organic SKU: 80143-conf
    As low as €5.64
  11. Kruidnagel Heel BIO
    Cloves Whole Organic SKU: 80075-conf
    As low as €4.44
  12. Dille Poeder Biologisch
    Dill Powder Organic SKU: 80033-conf
    As low as €4.60
  13. Dilletoppen Heel Industriekwaliteit Biologisch
    Dill Tops Whole Industrial Quality Organic SKU: 80034-conf
    As low as €5.39
  14. Knoflook Granulaat 1-2 mm BIO
    Garlic Granulate 1-2 mm Organic SKU: 80047-conf
    As low as €3.74
  15. Gember Gesneden BIO
    Ginger Cut Organic SKU: 80039-conf
    As low as €3.69
  16. Gember Stukjes 3-6 mm BIO
    Ginger Pieces 3-6 mm Organic SKU: 80041-conf
    As low as €4.45
  17. Gember Poeder kiemarm Biologisch
    Ginger Powder germ-reduced Organic SKU: 80040-conf
    As low as €3.92
  18. Jeneverbessen Poeder BIO
    Junipers Powder Organic SKU: 80139-conf
    As low as €4.47
  19. Gember Poeder Biologisch
    Lemon Ginger Powder germ-reduced Organic SKU: 80147-conf
    As low as €4.14
  20. Oregano Gesneden kiemarm Biologisch
    Oregano Cut germ-reduced Organic SKU: 80078-conf
    As low as €4.48
  21. Oregano Poeder kiemarm Biologisch
    Oregano Powder germ-free Organic SKU: 80077-conf
    As low as €4.50
  22. Peterselie Gesneden kiemarm Biologisch
    Parsley Cut germ-reduced Organic SKU: 80090-conf
    As low as €5.16
  23. Peterselie Gesneden Fijn 1-2 mm BIO
    Parsley Fine Cut 0.2-1 mm Organic SKU: 80091-conf
    As low as €4.98
  24. Peterselie Poeder Biologisch
    Parsley Powder Organic SKU: 80092-conf
    As low as €4.34
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Healthy Spices

Healthy spices, do they exist? they sure do! In fact, many spices are known for their good properties, for example, cinnamon and turmeric. So with spices, you will not only add a delicious taste to your dishes, but they contribute to your health as well. Especially when you choose the 100% natural spice varieties from Naturaplaza. These have no additives so that the health-promoting properties are fully present. Curious about the medicinal properties of your favourite spice? You can read all about it on the product page. In addition, we have listed some tasty recipes that you can make with the spices.

Organic ground Ceylon cinnamon

An exquisite example of a medicinal spice is organically ground Ceylon cinnamon from HolyFlavours. This is in various respects cinnamon as intended. It not only has that much-loved taste but also offers you the most benefits. This is partly because this is the only cinnamon type that does not contain coumarin. Coumarin strains your liver when the dose is too high. That is precisely why it is wise to choose Ceylon cinnamon. It also contains important vitamins, minerals and very powerful antioxidants. In short, this spice is delightful and offers positive support to your body.

Indispensable in Eastern cuisine

Another medicinal spice is turmeric from the quality brand HolyFlavours. This means that it is 100% natural, without additives. Turmeric is also called yellow root and is frequently used in Eastern cuisine. Curry dishes, in particular, get a delicious taste from it. Besides, turmeric is also widely used in North African dishes, such as vegetable dishes and lamb. Turmeric has a particularly good effect on your body and contains vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D. Also the minerals magnesium, calcium and iron are abundantly present in this spice.


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