Indian Soap Nuts Sapindus mukorossi

Soapnuts / Soapnuts is a 100% natural detergent with unsurpassed washing power - TOP quality and well sorted. Don't be fooled by all those expensive products offered. These nuts cont… Read on below...
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Soap nuts with laundry bag 1 kilo

You will find a 100% natural detergent in the Naturaplaza Soap nuts with laundry bag 1 kilo. These so-called soap nuts are very carefully selected and have an unsurpassed washing power of top quality. Namely, these nuts contain only 100% natural saponins. Saponins, or soap substances, are among the glycosides. These are secondary substances that the plant probably produces to protect against insects, bacterial and fungal growth. The substances form a soap-like solution in water with an extremely strong washing power. So say goodbye to traditional detergents and opt for pure nature with Naturaplaza's soapnuts.

The wax nut tree

Soapnuts come from an area west of the Himalayas. Here they grow on the wax nut tree in North India and Nepal. The skin of soapnuts has been used for centuries by the Indian population to wash cotton, wool and silk. Washing without detergent is especially appreciated worldwide today. People with allergies and respiratory diseases, among others, are increasingly opting for natural care , without chemicals. Soap nuts are an excellent example of this. Do not be fooled by all the expensive products offered. At Naturaplaza you can always rely on a 100% natural range at affordable prices.

Many uses of soapnuts

In our info center you can read extensively why you can use the Naturaplaza Soap nuts . In addition to an eco detergent with a handy laundry bag, you can also use the soap nuts as a shampoo. It is effective on dandruff and it gives your hair a silky shine and a lot of vitality. You can even use the soapnuts as a shampoo for your pet. A nice extra is that the soap from the soapnuts does not sting the eyes. Furthermore, soap nuts are also used all-purpose cleaner and liquid soap in skincare. In short, with Naturaplaza Soap nuts you choose a multifunctional natural soap that only has positive effects.

Download the instructions for use of soapnuts here .

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