Indian Sun flakes 0.5-3 mm

Indian sun flakes are extracted manually from a salt dome in northeastern India. The sun flakes are a real 'Fleur de Sel' or the salt flower… Read on below...
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Origin Indian Sun Flakes

Our Indian sun flakes are extracted from a salt dome located in seawater, in north-east India. For our sun flakes, pure and clear seawater from the Indian Ocean is pumped into evaporation basins. On warm and windy days, the evaporation of the seawater causes small salt flowers to form on the surface of the water, resembling a fine layer of ice. This moist Fleur de Sel is skimmed by hand using a wooden spoon.

In order to turn the moist Fleur de Sel into our snow-white solar flakes, the freshly harvested salt is dried under glass plates and under the influence of the sun. The resulting white and very dry salt flakes are similar to Murray River salt.


The Indian sun flakes get their exceptionally mild taste from the ratio of calcium to magnesium. Due to its special structure, it is a waste to use this salt during cooking. It is better to use the salt as a 'finishing touch' in the finishing and/or decoration of different kinds of dishes of meat, fish, vegetables, slow-food products and salads, or as finger salt.

Specific Properties Indian Salt Flakes:

  • 96.5% NaCl.
  • 1.3% SO4
  • 4310 mg./kg S.
  • 0.43% Ca.
  • 0.082% Mg.
  • 0.044% K.

Premium Indian Sun flakes 0.5-3 mm

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