Grill Mixes & Marinades

On this page you will find various grill mixes and marinades, which are produced organically. They are ideal spice mixes to season many types of meat. You will find all the spices you need for a delicious bbq, curry or meat meal.

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  1. Braadworst Kruidenmix kiemarm Biologisch
    Bratwurst Herbs Mix germ-reduced Organic SKU: 41580-conf
    As low as €5.74
  2. Bruschetta 'Bella Vito' Kruidenmix Biologisch
    Bruchetta Herbs Mix ‘Bella Vito’ Organic SKU: 41980-conf
    As low as €5.22
  3. Geroosterd varkensvlees Kruidenmix Biologisch
    Crusty Roast Porc Herbs Mix Organic SKU: 41830-conf
    As low as €5.53
  4. Curry Kruidenmix kiemarm Biologisch
    Curry Herbs Mix germ reduced Organic SKU: 41990-conf
    As low as €4.18
  5. Curryworst Kruidenmix Biologisch
    Curry Sausage mix SKU: 41570-conf
    As low as €3.59
  6. Döner 'Izmir' Kruidenmix Biologisch
    Döner Herbs mix 'Izmir' Organic SKU: 41680-conf
    As low as €5.45
  7. Knoflook Kruidenmix Biologisch
    Garlic All Purpose Mix Organic SKU: 41790-conf
    As low as €2.67
  8. Knoflook Grill Mix Biologisch
    Garlic Grill Mix Organic SKU: 41800-conf
    As low as €4.31
  9. Knoflook Peper Kruidenmix Biologisch
    Garlic Pepper Herbs Mix Organic SKU: 41810-conf
    As low as €3.99
  10. Gyros Kruidenzout Mix Biologisch
    Gyros Seasoning Salt Mix Organic SKU: 41710-conf
    As low as €3.85
  11. Kruidenzout Mix Biologisch
    Herb Seasoning Salt Mix Organic SKU: 41720-conf
    As low as €2.07
  12. Malaysia Kruidenmarinade Biologisch
    Malaysia Seasoning Marinade Organic SKU: 41750-conf
    As low as €3.69
  13. Gehaktbal Kruidenmix kiemarm Biologisch
    Meatball Herbs Mix germ reduced Organic SKU: 41700-conf
    As low as €4.81
  14. Paprika Grillkruiden Mix Biologisch
    Paprika Grill Spice Mix Organic SKU: 41730-conf
    As low as €3.85
  15. Paprika Kruidenmix kiemarm Biologisch
    Paprika Herbs Mix germ reduced Organic SKU: 41840-conf
    As low as €4.34
  16. Peper Kruidenmix Biologisch
    Pepper Herbs Mix Organic SKU: 41820-conf
    As low as €3.56
  17. Gegrilde Haan Kruidenmix Biologisch
    Roasted Chicken Herbs Mix Organic SKU: 41690-conf
    As low as €4.02
  18. Biologische Saarschwenker Grillmarinade
    Saarschwenker Grill Marinade Organic SKU: 41780-conf
    As low as €5.08
  19. Braadspies Kruidenmix Biologisch
    Skewered Roast Mix Organic SKU: 41850-conf
    As low as €4.45
  20. Smokey BBQ Kruidenmix Biologisch
    Smokey BBQ Herbs Mix Organic SKU: 41490-conf
    As low as €3.25
  21. Steak Kruidenmix Biologisch
    Steak Herbs Mix Organic SKU: 41860-conf
    As low as €4.47
  22. Vesuvius Gekruide Spareribs Marinade Biologisch
    Vesuvius Seasoned Spareribs Marinade Organic SKU: 41760-conf
    As low as €4.51
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Grill Mixes & Marinades

In our Grill Mixes and Marinades category you will find everything you need for a delicious bbq, curry or meat meal. Our meat seasonings are carefully composed and developed to make each piece of meat special. That is why you will find a variety of mixes and marinades that exactly match the dish or type of meat you want to prepare. This way you can effortlessly prepare a delicious meal or barbecue and you don't have to think about the spices you use.

Our range of mixes and marinades

pork herbs, spareribs marinade, grilled rooster seasoning, meatball seasoning mix, steak seasoning and bruschetta seasoning mix. If you have a specific meal in mind, we have the gyros herbs, curry herbs or döner herbs. If you are looking for a marinade for bbq, you will find several possibilities in our assortment.

Agricultural and natural ingredients


We are part of an organic herbs wholesale company and deliver to companies worldwide. You benefit from that, because with us you will find only the best organic and natural ingredients. Perhaps you are looking for a spice salt to spice up your meat a little more adventurously? We also have garlic pepper or a pepper mixed with different herbs. Whatever your choice, you know you are getting the best quality. That's something our 100.000 customers agree too.

Slotly delivered

If you order before 5 PM (CET), we will ship your order the same day. With more than 2012 years of experience as a seller of natural and organic products, we support everyone who wants to live healthier. Therefore, also check out the rest of our products, because there you will also find all kinds of organic and natural solutions for a healthier diet.

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