Spice rack with jars

All those pots different pots sat in your kitchen? Zeller has developed a handy metal spice rack, which includes 6 glass jars. Clear and beautiful!
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    Zeller has various types of useful attributes for the kitchen. Such as this spice rack with 6 glass herbs or spice jars. The jar has a convenient lid. Because of this elegant metal rack, you do not have different herbs and spice jars in your kitchen. You can easily fill the spice jars.

    It is within your reach in the kitchens and is easily removable. It is stainless steel and the lids of the jar are made of high quality plastic.


    You can wipe the spice rack with a damp cloth or in the dishwasher. You can fill the spice jars by removing the lid. This is not a twist cover, you can pull it off with little force


    The spice and spice rack comes in a cardboard box, which contains 5 spice jars. This is without content! You can fill the jars up to 100 ml.

    The dimensions of the spice rack are: 28 cm x 6.5 cm x 11 cm.

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