Najel Aleppo soap block Jasmin 100 gram

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    Made from olive oil and bay leaf oil

    Najel's Aleppo Soaps are made from olive oil and bay leaf oil. Soaped olive oil is a powerful cleanser that nourishes, protects and softens the skin. Bay laurel oil is known for its antiseptic and regenerating properties. The higher the concentration, the more the soap soothes irritated or problem skin (psoriasis, eczema, acne, dermatosis).

    With the Queen of the Night

    The Jasmine flower, also known as the Queen of the Night, symbolizes hope, happiness and love. It is considered an aid to spirituality. This jasmine-enriched Aleppo soap helps improve and balance your skin and prevents the effects of aging. When used on the hair, it gives a natural shine and a delicate fragrance.

    Suitable for all skin types

    This Aleppo soap scented with jasmine is recommended for daily cleansing of face, body and hair and is suitable for all skin types.

    Use Instructions

    Please rub the soap on wet skin, wash and rinse with water. For the hair, NAJEL Aleppo Soap with Jasmine is an excellent alternative to liquid shampoo. Economical and easy to use, cleanses thoroughly and softens the scalp.

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