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Once you discover aromatherapy, you never want anything else. Scents have a major effect on both our body and our mind. The essential oils that come from plant parts such as flowers and herbs, do not only help you relax. You also spread the scent through a diffuser or oil burner. next to this, you can choose to add essential oil drops to base oils and then use them as a massage oil. On our website, you will find various categories help you find the aromatherapy that you are looking for.

Basic oils and essential oils

At Naturaplaza, we have divided the natural oils related to aromatherapy into two different subcategories: basic oils and essential oils. In our range of basic oils, a distinction is made between 5 different types. These are jojoba oil, aloe vera oil, argan oil, almond oil and peach kernel oil. In terms of essential oils, you can contact us for lavender and thyme. In addition, we have organic Cajeput essential oil in our product range, tea tree essential oil and incense essential oil. All these oils are from the quality brand Aromed . This also applies to the essential oils of fruits, such as mandarin and orange.

Diffuser or oil burner

In aromatherapy, use is made of either an aroma diffuser or an aroma burner. For this, you are in the right place at Naturaplaza. We have various variants of the Aromed and HolyFlavors brands in the range. Because we offer a variety of looks, one always fits exactly in your interior. In addition, some have unique options. Take the HolyFlavors electric white diffuser with color change, for example. This diffuser has the option to change the color of the light.