Beluna Nail Oil Aromed 10ml

Olive oil: healing - caring for the skin - stimulates nail growth
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    This natural oil is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E and K, it also contains many mineral salts and trace elements, such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, which strengthen the structure of the nails and promotes nail growth. This makes the nails smooth and strong again. Beluna nail oil prevents splitting of nails, prevents ribbing and makes cuticles soft and supple. Makes nails beautiful and shiny again


    Olive oil



    Tea tree


    Brush your nails twice a day with Beluna nail oil. Leave for five to ten minutes and then massage in lightly. It is recommended to always file the nails. Can be used from 3 years.


    Beluna nail oil comes in a 10 ml bottle with a cap brush.

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