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Aleppo soap

The special properties of Aleppo soap have been known for centuries. Its origins bring us to the city of Aleppo in Syria. At that time, Aleppo soap was the most important commodity there. Strikingly enough, over the centuries hardly anything has changed in the way this soap was produced. Aleppo soap is a pure soap that consists of only natural ingredients. Think of olive and bayberry oil, vegetable-based soda and water. This makes this soap suitable for all skin types. At Naturaplaza we have selected a very diverse range of Aleppo soap for you.

For any skin type

Due to the natural ingredient bayberry oil, Aleppo soap has an antibacterial and fungicidal effect. In addition, the soap has a cleansing, nourishing, and caring effect on your skin. If you have a skin type that is easily irritated or damaged, you can use this soap excellently. It is a so-called antiseptic soap that is suitable for all skin types. We have Aleppo in hard soap form, shower gel, and liquid hand soap in our range.

A lot of applications

The unique qualities of Aleppo soap make it suitable for numerous applications related to natural-care. In addition to skincare, Aleppo soap can also be used as a shampoo, for example. The soap contains no synthetic additives so you get a completely natural hair product with it. Moreover, Aleppo gives your hair shine and vitality. Aleppo soap is also widely used as an ecological detergent, as a cleaning agent, and as a natural insecticide. This can be found in our Najel liquid black Aleppo soaps