Nose - Throat - Ears

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Nose - Throat - Ears

In our Nose - Throat - Ears category you will find natural care products of high quality. Your nose, throat or ears can cause annoying inconveniences. For that reason, Naturaplaza offers a wide range of natural care products for these parts of the body. When you click on a product, you can read more about the health-promoting components.

Natural nasal inhaler

Many people experience it as annoying when their nose is blocked. But with our Aromed Mentha Nose Inhaler, this is a thing of the past. The volatile oils contained in this nasal inhaler are absorbed directly into the body through breathing. Your nose will be opened immediately, as will your sinuses.

That gives air

Other products with a purifying effect in our natural care category are airway oils. These oils make you breathe more freely and have a soothing effect on the airways. These pipes are filled with hyalite salt.

Ear drops and earcup oil

Annoying irritations to your ears can occur. For example, by cleaning them too much with cotton buds. The Aromed Ormela ear drops from Naturaplaza have a soothing effect. Children up to 6 years of age are particularly sensitive to ear pain. You use our 100% natural pinna oil when you have skin irritations in the pinna.

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