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Natural skin care products

The skin is the largest organ of the human body: it relaxes your whole body. Your skin has unique properties - it is extremely stretchy and protects all the underlying parts of the body, including muscles and tendons.

You perspire (cool down) through your skin, but the pores in your skin allow outside substances to enter your body. It's important that you take good care of your skin and have a good idea of what you put on it.

Natural care Naturaplaza

The range of natural facial care products at Naturaplaza is very wide. You can pamper yourself with fragrant shampoos, gels and soaps. You will also find various relaxation products and face cream. Natural skin care means finding the product that best suits your skin. You can read about our products on the product pages. On the category pages you will find information about our assortment of natural skin care.

Skin and face care

The skin is, as mentioned, the largest organ of the human body: it runs all the way from your toes to your crown. Natural skin care helps to keep the skin vital, vibrant, fit and healthy.

Skin care products found at Naturaplaza include Dead Sea clay soap, alum powder and essential oils. You'll keep your face in tip-top shape with our natural face creams, face oils and scrubs. Moroccan rhassoul clay massages the face.

Delight of natural products

Naturaplaza has numerous products for the skin and the face in particular, but also more than enough care products for other parts of the body: from hair, to teeth and from intimate area to nose and ears. We also have products to keep feet, throat and nails in top shape. Even with injury complaints you can come to us for symptom relief.

Only 100% natural

Naturaplaza only uses products that are 100% natural. Pure nature. Most manufacturers are only too happy to state on their labels that they have included one or two natural ingredients in their product, while the rest is synthetic.

There are countless 'fake natural' products on the market, which only consist of about 10% natural ingredients. Naturaplaza does not need such products: everything on our website is pure nature.

All our skincare and cosmetics products are pure nature, so produced in an environmentally friendly way, free of toxic substances and with respect for animal rights (entirely free of animal testing). The skincare and beauty products of SoloBioMooi are completely responsible and offer the 'wow' effect you are used to from traditional makeup.

What exactly is in natural skincare?

Natural skin care products and cosmetics contain ingredients that are made exclusively in natural, sometimes organic, ways. So the natural ingredients come from nature, not from a factory or laboratory (synthetic).

Organic ingredients are grown without using chemical pesticides or fertilizers. These organic ingredients are good for humans, animals and the environment and ... at Naturaplaza good for your wallet.

The luxuriance of nature

In nature you can find an incredible amount of special plants, herbs, trees, fruits, seeds and flowers. These range from beautiful, to powerful, from tasty to nurturing and healing.

Our Beauty fluids consist of extracts from plants and cold-pressed oils processed together with natural herbs that are full of vitamins. The herbs, plants and flowers in the products in our range are dried and then incorporated into the product.

Emulsifiers, thickeners, fragrances...

In cosmetic products there is often a laundry list of artificial ingredients, including a lot of E numbers. Aqua is the most recognizable. Through the trees it is often not possible to see the forest and understand why a product is effective or not.

An artificial ingredient is produced in a factory and can have the same composition as a natural substance. Whether it also has the same nutritious qualities remains to be seen.

Oils and vegetable fats

Argan oil is cold pressed from the nut and has a particularly high content of oleic acid, fatty acid, phytosterols, carotene and vitamin E. Argan oil has a unique properties: it helps to relax irritated skin, it inhibits skin aging, keeps the skin elastic, acts as a moisturizer and emollient. Argan oil is ideal as a component of makeup.

'Shea butter' is a butter created from the cold pressing of nuts. It supports the skin's ability to repair itself and works great on rough and chapped areas. This is because Shea butter is rich in, among other things, oleic acids, fatty acids, vitamin E, allantoin and provitamin A. It has the characteristic of making the skin wonderfully soft (almost as soft as baby bottoms).

Use of natural fragrances

Volatile oils are created in the leaves, fruits, flowers, sometimes even in the bark and roots of plants. These oils are actually made up of dozens or even hundreds of different fragrance ingredients, which together create one unique composition. These oils give cosmetics and a unique scent.

It is well known that pure lavender oil can be soothing, the scent of rose petals is often described as "harmonious". Rosemary has a pungent scent, which instantly 'wakes up'.

The substances in the oils have even more useful functions: among other things, they help to purify the air in the house, they help to relax stiff muscles, help with cold feet and generally create a beneficial and pleasant atmosphere in the house. It is not for nothing that you often see these specific aromas also as fragrance sticks, used for the living room or bathroom.

Use of natural emulsifiers

Natural colouring and fragrance emulsifiers come from plants or minerals, rather than substances made synthetically. An emulsifier is a substance that allows two substances that repel each other under normal circumstances (think water + fat) to be mixed together.

The emulsifier is the "diplomat" among substances. Most emulsifiers are artificial, but there are some natural emulsifiers, think wool wax and beeswax.

When an emulsifier is used in a non-natural skin care product, it can cause the emulsifier substance to accumulate in the upper skin cell layers. When washing and cleansing your skin, you then run the risk of the accumulated emulsifiers dissolving the skin's own fats and washing them away. This is called the 'washing away' effect, which can cause the skin to become very dry and flaky.

Use essential oils

Essential oils have positive impact on the skin. Take Jojoba oil, for example. This is an oil made from cold-pressed nuts that are also known as "liquid gold". Jojoba oil was already used by the original inhabitants of America as a balm for skin and hair.

This essential oil helps make the skin smooth and soft and makes other oils last longer. Meanwhile, Jojoba oil is indispensable in products for skin care.