Indian Soap Nuts Sapindus Mukorossi Testbag

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Natural saponins

The Indian soap nut contains 100% natural saponins (plant glycosides). In water, these substances form a soapy solution
saponin solution with unsurpassed washing power. The soap nut tree originates from the Himalayan region in northern India and Nepal. The shell of the soapnut (Sapindus Mukorossi) has been used by the local population for centuries as a detergent for cotton, wool and silk.

Advantages of soap nuts

  • Inexpensive to use (1-3 applications)
  • 100% biodegradable; the used nuts can be put on the compost heap or in the green container after use.
  • No need for a water softener (if you have hard water you may need to use a softener). After washing, the laundry feels pleasantly soft, as if fabric softener had been used.
  • No allergies; 100% natural with no chemical additives. This makes it suitable for
    People with allergies, neurodermatitis and people with sensitive skin.
  • Environmentally friendly; no more pollution of surface water. Also, the nuts grow on trees that absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen.
  • Washing machine lasts longer; no more incrustations of residues in the washing machine like with the use of conventional detergents and fabric softeners.
  • Protective; washing nuts keep colours vibrant for longer than conventional detergents.
  • Even the finest silk can be washed with peanuts.

Instructions for the use of soap nuts

  1. Use 8 half soap nuts in a sock or cotton bag and put them in the washing machine with the laundry. With these soap nuts you can:
    • Wash 1 time at 90 degrees
    • Wash twice at 60 degrees
    • Wash 3 times at 30-40 degrees
  2. The soap nuts are used up when they feel soggy and spongy when wet.
  3. Remove the soap nuts immediately after finishing the washing process, otherwise the laundry may take on an unpleasant odour (for some people).
  4. Used soap nuts are 100% biodegradable and can be disposed of on the compost heap or in the green bin after use.

Washing advice

We recommend that you only use soap nuts on dark laundry. Light and white laundry can get light brown stains if, for example, you use a full washing drum or if you leave the laundry in the drum for too long after the washing programme has finished.

For white or light-coloured laundry, we recommend that you make a soap nut extract from the soap nuts and use it. You can read more about how to do this below.

Making a soap nut extract

  1. Put 150 grams of soap nuts in a pot with 1 litre of water and bring it to boil.
  2. Simmer for 5-10 minutes, stirring all the time.
  3. Then turn off the heat and leave the pan with the lid on for 10 minutes.
  4. Pour the water through a fine tea strainer and funnel into a clean (preferably childproof) glass bottle.
  5. Filter the water again, using a coffee filter sieve or a pair of tights (otherwise there is a risk of discolouring the white laundry).
  6. Allow to cool and then label: "Harmful if swallowed. Date: one month from today" (will eventually mould).
  7. Store the bottle preferably with cleaning products.

Important notes

  • Washing nuts are odourless, so make sure your washing machine smells clean by running it occasionally at 95 degrees without laundry and with soda.
  • You can mask possible odours with essential oil (in the fabric softener compartment or in the laundry bag), for example lime or lavender
  • Remove the bag of soap nuts immediately after washing to avoid odours and stains (for lighter coloured laundry)
  • For laundry with stains, you can use stain remover (percarbonate) or bile soap.

Other uses:

  • After making an extract, the shells of the soap nuts can be reused, e.g. for a decoction for washing and as a remedy against plant pests (perfect remedy against aphids);
  • Extracted soap nuts are a perfect remedy against slugs around plants;
  • Washing nut extract makes a shampoo that fights dandruff long-lasting and effectively and gives a silky shine and vitality;
  • Washes your pet too, no chemicals and does not sting the eyes;
  • Good all-purpose cleaner instead of chemical cleaners;

Where do I buy Soap nuts?

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Indian Soap Nuts Sapindus Mukorossi Testbag of the brand Holyflavours

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Pro's & cons
  • plus-circle Natural and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional detergents
  • plus-circle Suitable for sensitive skin types and allergies
  • plus-circle Versatile in use, for both clothing and household cleaning
More Information
Article number 46360-conf
Productsheet Specsheet
Colour Brown
Recommended Use The soap nuts can be used for two washes at wash temperatures of up to 40 °C. By up to 60°C approx. 2 times.
Country of cultivation India
Country of Manufacture India
Brand Holyflavours
HS-Code 12119086
Private Label possible? Yes
Energy (kcal/kJ) 0
Proteins 0
Carbohydrates 0
Fat 0
Saturated Fats 0
Fibers 0
Sodium 0
Salt 0
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Pure way of washing
Very easy to use laundry nuts that provide clean and above all pure laundry. For people looking for an alternative but efficient way of washing, I can only recommend this product.

(translated from Dutch)
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Easy to use
If you are looking for organic detergents, like these laundry nuts, I can really recommend these Indian nuts. It is very easy to use and it definitely works properly.

(translated from Dutch)
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