Konjac Sponge Heart Orange

5/5.0 (1 reviews)
  • For normal, oily and / or dark skin types
  • Can prevent spots and or pigmentation
  • Cleansing effect
  • 100% natural and made from the konnyaku plant.
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The Konjac sponge is a unique product. They are very special because of the special structure and their exfoliating effect. Due to the exfoliating effect, it can help cleanse, nourish and exfoliate your skin so that your skin feels natural and soft again. The Konjac sponge can stimulate your blood flow and the growth of skin cells. The Konjac sponge consists of natural vitamins and minerals that nourish your skin and moisturize it naturally. By using the Konjac sponge daily, the Konjac can have a positive effect on your skin.

Konjac sponge turmeric orange is suitable for normal, oily and/or dark skin types. The Konjac sponge has a caring and cleansing effect. The Konjac sponge turmeric has an exfoliating effect. You can notice the effect through daily use.


100% natural and made from plant roots of the Konjac (konnyaku) plant.


  1. You take the Konjac sponge out of the packaging and place it in the water
  2. The Konjac sponge should soak for 5 minutes so that it is soaked in water. Then squeeze the sponge a few times so that the excess water comes out.
  3. You can now use the sponge. It is best to massage your skin gently by making circular movements on your skin and your face with the konjac sponge.
  4. After use, clean the sponge and gently press with two hands that the sponge is almost dry.

Allergy advice:

If hypersensitivity occurs when using this product, discontinue use immediately.

Storage advice/shelf life:

Keep the sponge in a cool and well-ventilated place, so that the Konjac sponge can dry again.
Clean sponge well so that the age lasts longer. For best results, it is best to replace the sponge after 2 3 months.

Disclaimer: The above information is NOT medical or therapeutic advice. Any textual errors reserved.


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highly recommended
Nice and good to use sponge that also smells very nice and is fine in combination with soaps. It really comes highly recommended!

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