Rhinisa neus inhaler - 10ml

Stuffy nose, colds, pollen allergy. Rhinisa has a beneficial effect on blocked nose and facilitates breathing. It cleans and rinses the nasal passages without irritation, because it soothes the mucous membranes.
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    Aromed Rhinisa Nasal Spray

    When inhaling through your nose, there is a good chance that unwanted substances will also be inhaled with the oxygen. Fortunately, your body is equipped with a smart filter system that purifies the air before it reaches your lungs. The hairs in your nose form the first line of defence. The mucous membranes mainly absorb the finer substances that can be harmful to your body. It is, of course, important to keep this filter system in good condition. Rhinisa Nasal Spray is prepared from natural raw materials and based on a saline solution to keep the nasal passages free and easier to breathe through the nose.

    Breathe more freely through the nose

    Rhinisa Nasal Spray contains 0.9% sodium solution, Calendula, Sage, Thyme and Echinacea. It cleans and rinses the nasal passages, so that the filter system can function optimally again. Rhinisa Nasal Spray increases the resistance of the mucous membranes and helps to breathe more freely through the nose. It is therefore an excellent remedy for colds, nasal congestion, sinus inflammation and hay fever.


    Shake before use. At the first symptoms 3 to 4 times a day two sprays in both nostrils. When the symptoms are reduced, two sprays in both nostrils twice a day for a few days. Children aged 3-12 years a half dose, so one spray each time.

    Features - Content:

    * Provides freer breathing through the nose
    * Illuminating
    * It cleans and rinses the nasal passages
    * Ingredients: 0.9% Sodium Solution, Calendula, Sage, Thyme, Echinacea
    * Available as a 10 ml spray bottle

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