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Naturally Pure Water

As the name suggests, pure natural water is unaffected and unprocessed. In the search for the best and purest drinking water, Naturaplaza ended up with Lifjalla water from Hafnarfjörður, or Havenfjord, in Iceland. This is crystal clear glacier water that is naturally filtered through the age-old basalt layers. It has a delicious taste, which is the reason why it has been awarded by the iTQi (International Taste & Quality Institute). Because it comes directly from nature, this pure water still contains all the important microorganisms even after bottling. These are very healthy. So there are plenty of reasons to opt for Lifjalla water. At home, or to be able to offer your guests a conscious healthy choice as a restaurant owner.

High pH value Lifjalla water

Lifjalla water has a high pH value so the water is full of taste and has a soft and rounded finish. This so-called basic water also offers many health benefits for our body, just like the other natural foods from Naturaplaza. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, Lifjalla water is highly recommended. It ensures good hydration for everyone. This pure water is also frequently used for dental hygiene. It is a low-salt water and also contains a very low drying residue.

Lifjalla Bag-in-Box Packaging

At Naturaplaza you can order Lifjalla water in various packaging sizes. The water is bottled in a bag-in-box. This packaging system is closed, providing protection against both external air and sunlight. In this way, Lifjalla water retains its original taste, freshness and oxygen levels will stay stable for up to a year. In addition, these packages are equipped with a convenient tap, with which you can tap a delicious glass of water at any time. Even when you go to the beach for a day, or during a long drive, these packages are ideal. They are also FSC certified and fully recyclable.

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