MyYo Kefir maker Mint

Yoghurt maker or kefir maker is available in the colours Orange Lime green and mint. You can easily make kefir and yoghurt at home without electricity!
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    Yoghurt / Kefir maker MyYo. This yoghurt/kefir maker is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and convenient. colour: mint


    Yoghurt / Kefir Maker: Energy-saving, eco-friendly and convenient. The MyYo yoghurt/kefir maker works without electricity, the heat is generated by adding boiling water. Complicated decanting in pots and measuring the temperature is no longer necessary. The inner box is dishwasher safe. Only wipe the outside with a damp cloth, it cannot be washed in the dishwasher. The outer tray and the inner shell are made of heat-resistant and thus food-safe polypropylene. Additional benefits: The unique container can be used to keep food warm or cold for up to 6 hours.


    Mix 1 bag of MyYo Jogurt ferment or 100-150 ml (already prepared) yoghurt with a litre of milk (room temperature) in the inner tray of the yoghurt/kefir maker. Close the inner box with the transparent lid. Bring a litre of water to a boil and pour into the yoghurt/kefir maker. Put the inner tray in the yoghurt/kefir maker, put the lid on and the preparation is done! After 12-14 hours, the yoghurt is ready and aged. Healthy, delicious yoghurt in just 4 steps! The yoghurt can easily be stored in the refrigerator in the space-saving inner tray for up to 7 days.

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    Packed in a plastic sleeve and packed well in a box.

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