Pancake pan 4 cups marble non-stick coating

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    Pancake pan

    With this convenient pan, our organic Pancaky pancakes, eggs or crepes are easy to make. The pan has 4 cups for frying, so eggs and pancakes can be prepared quickly. The pan is suitable for all heat sources (including induction), is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

    Why Buy This Pancake Pan?

    Buying this pancake pan is a wise choice, to make Pancaky pancakes in a quick and even way. The pan heats up evenly and because of this, the pancakes will cook nicely in all 4 cups.

    Features of the Pancake Pan

    • The size of the pan is 27 cm by 1.35 cm.
    • The pan has a marble non-stick coating
    • The pan heats up evenly and does not rust
    • Without PFOA, which is a chemical to protect products

    Premium Pancake pan 4 cups marble non-stick coating

    Pancake pan 4 cups marble non-stick coating from Accesoire isa product of premium quality. It was created with consideration and care for people and nature.

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