Purple Coneflower Leaves Cut Organic

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What is Red Sunflower Leaf?

The red sunflower (Echinacea purpurea) is a perennial plant. The plant originates from North America and belongs to the family Asteraceae. It is a true ornamental flower for the garden, but it also contains some other interesting properties for humans.

The Cultivation of Red Sunflower Leaf

The above-ground parts are collected at the beginning of flowering, and the rhizomes are harvested in the fall.

Healthy properties Red Sunflower Leaf and applications

Red Sunflower improves the body's immune response, allowing disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and fungi to be fought more efficiently. It stimulates and promotes the increase of natural killer lymphocytes or white blood cells. In addition, it stimulates the production of macrophages, which "eat" foreign germs. Existing infections are fought more effectively by using echinacea. In general, it can be said that red coneflower enhances several factors in the disease-fighting properties of the human body. The advantage of echinacea is that it can always be used preventively without adverse effects. You can use it by drawing tea from it.

Premium Purple Coneflower Leaves Cut Organic

Purple Coneflower Leaves Cut Organic from Holyflavours isan organically certified product of premium quality. Thanks to this certificate, you know that what you buy has been created with an eye and care for people and nature.

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