Rock salt

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  1. Boliviaans Rozenzout Fijn 0.1-0.3 mm
    Bolivian Rose Salt Fine 0.1-0.3 mm SKU: 30105-conf
    As low as €2.18
  2. Boliviaans Rozenzout Granulaat 2-4 mm
    Bolivian Rose Salt Granulate 2-4 mm SKU: 30107-conf
    As low as €2.21
  3. Duits Steenzout Fijn 0.1-0.7 mm
    German Rock Salt Fine 0.1-0.7 mm SKU: 30101-conf
    As low as €1.79
  4. Duits Steenzout Fijn 1.7-3.2 mm
    German Rock Salt Granulate 1.7-3.2 mm SKU: 30103-conf
    As low as €1.79
  5. Halietzout wit Fijn 0.3-0.5 mm
    Halite Salt white Fine 0.3-0.5 mm SKU: 30078-conf
    As low as €1.93
  6. Halietzout wit Granulaat 2-5 mm
    Halite Salt white Granulate 2-5 mm SKU: 30079-conf
    As low as €1.98
  7. Himalaya kristalzout roze Brokken 2-5 cm
    Himalayan Crystal Salt pink Chunks 2-5 cm SKU: 30077-conf
    As low as €1.97
  8. Himalaya Kristalzout roze Fijn 0.7-1.0 mm
    Himalayan Crystal Salt pink Fine 0.7-1.0 mm SKU: 30071-conf
    As low as €1.87
  9. Himalaya Halietzout Brokken wit 2-5 cm
    Himalayan Halite Salt Chunks 2-5 cm SKU: 30209-conf
    As low as €1.98
  10. Kala Namak Zout Fijn 0.3-0.5 mm
    Kala Namak Fine 0.3-0.5 mm SKU: 30082-conf
    As low as €2.07
  11. Kala Namak Zout Brokken 2-5 cm
    Kala Namak Salt Chunks 2-5 cm SKU: 30085-conf
    As low as €2.11
  12. Kala Namak Salt Granulate 2-5 mm
    Kala Namak Salt Granulate 2-5 mm SKU: 30084-conf
    As low as €2.11
  13. Perzisch Blauwzout Fijn 0.2-1 mm
    Persian Blue Salt Fine 0.2-1 mm SKU: 30092-conf
    As low as €2.78
  14. Persisch Blauwzout Granulaat 1-2 mm
    Persian Blue Salt Granulate 1-2 mm SKU: 30094-conf
    As low as €2.82
  15. Perzisch Blauwzout Granulaat 2-5 mm
    Persian Blue Salt Granulate 2-5 mm SKU: 30095-conf
    As low as €3.18
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15 Items

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Rock salt: a powerful crystal

What exactly is rock salt?

Rock salt is a type of salt that is naturally glassy and colourless. The white colour results from the coarse texture of many fractures and scratches in the salt. This is also the reason why finer rock salt is much whiter in colour than rock salt with a coarser texture.

The cleanest sea salt in the world

Rock salt is also called the cleanest sea salt in the world. This is partly due to the fact that it is extracted in mines and not from (polluted) open water. It is for this reason that rock salt is also widely used as a natural remedy for fighting weeds and as bath salts.

Dutch rock salt

About 250 million years ago, the Netherlands was still a shallow 'edge sea'. In the shallows, seawater could dry and evaporate, while the shallow area was continually replenished with salt water (which therefore became increasingly saline). Thus, over countless years, a pure salt layer formed on the bottom of the sea. In some places, it is as much as 200 meters thick.

The extraction of Dutch rock salt

Now, countless millions of years later, these salt layers are at a depth of 300-1000 meters. This means that the salt is difficult to reach, but also that the salt layer has been compressed by the enormous pressure of the layers of earth above and has become as hard as stone.

The salt is so pure, that - once it has been brought to the surface and sieved - it can be used as a nutritional salt, as well as bath salt and salt for exfoliating. You can buy rock salt at Naturaplaza. In addition to rock salt, we sell various types of salt including Kala Namak.

Kala Namak: Indian black salt

Kala Namak is a volcanic sea salt, named after the place in India where it is mined. The taste cannot be compared to that of the common table salts. The smell is a bit like boiled eggs with a sulfurous aroma.

This form of salt is frequently used in chutneys, vegetable dishes, and even fruit salads. Kala Namak can also be an enhancement on fish dishes.

Kala Namak can be purchased at various places, including Kala Namak AH. At Naturaplaza, we offer Kala Namak salt in various quantities, as well as in granulated form.

Himalayan salt: wonder of nature

Himalayan salt is known as Himalayan salt AH. This natural product comes from the highest region on earth. It is extracted in China, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Bhutan, and even Afghanistan. Himalayan salt is very tasty but also has unique nutritional values due to its combination of elements such as borate, calcium, sulfate, magnesium, strontium, and potassium.
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