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Salt accessories

If you invest in one of Naturaplaza's delicious salts, then some salt accessories cannot be missing. You will need a suitable saltmill to grind your salt grains with, a good water- and airtight container to store your salt safely, and a doughnut mortar set if you want to hand-grind your salt and mix it with other spices. If you also bought organic pepper, invest in a stylish salt and pepper mill. You'll find it all here.

The product range at Naturaplaza

Good accessories are essential for salt. If you do not store your salt properly, it will become moist and hard. If you can't grind the salt properly, you will get large grains in your food. So browse our assortment and consider buying a mortar and pestle or a salt and pepper shaker. A pestle and mortar are used to grind the salt and possibly other herbs, garlic and oil to mix.

We sell quality

Naturaplaza is a shop that over 2012 years of natural products and we know what quality is and what not. That is why we offer only natural salt. The salt we sell is not refined and still contains all the minerals that naturally occur in it. Therefore, your qualitative salt and pepper also deserve a qualitative salt and pepper mill.

Quick to use

If you order before 5 PM (CET), we will ship your order the same day. With more than 2012 years of experience as a seller of natural and organic products, we support everyone who wants to live healthier. Therefore, also check out the rest of our products, because there you will also find all kinds of organic and natural solutions for a healthier diet.