For the sake of clarity, we have decided to indicate whether a product is in stock. This stock may vary in some cases, for example, because a customer has ordered multiple products and it happens to be that this particular product has just gone out of stock.

If there are still questions about products or stock of products or if you want to order large numbers of products, please contact us.

We normally guarantee a delivery period of 1-2 working days in 90% of the cases. In order to keep the costs for our customers as low as possible, we let our stock grow with the demand of the market. This means that we do not have unnecessarily large stocks and it may happen that certain products are not in stock at certain times. 

We expressly point out that we cannot guarantee the above-mentioned delivery period for 100%. This also applies to the absolute correctness of the stock management system (due to reserved orders etc.). This is because we also depend on the availability of the products from our supplier. We therefore expressly reject all claims on this aspect in advance. The decision to send a partial order in advance (e.g. because a part of the order is not yet in stock) remains at all times a decision made by Naturaplaza and is therefore NOT standard. The possible sending of a backorder is at the expense of Naturaplaza.