Jelly Ear Mushroom Powder Auricularia judae Organic

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Livestock Judas Ear Mushroom

The Judas Ear (Auricularia juadae) is a mushroom that grows on the wood of deciduous trees and shrubs, with a preference for elder. The Judas Ear mushroom prefers older branches, where it feeds as a saprophyte (on dead wood) or as a weak parasite (on living wood) and causes white rot. The mushroom is two to eight inches in size and has a reddish-brown colour.

Processing Judas Ear Mushroom Powder

The Judas Ear mushroom has a long growing season and can be found almost all year round, especially at lower temperatures in large parts of Europe and America. A mild winter day is the ideal time to find a good harvest.

After harvesting the Judas Ear mushroom is cut into pieces and put in the oven to dry. After this process it is processed into a gray Judas Ear mushroom powder.

What does Judas ear mushroom powder taste like?

The judas ear mushroom powder does not have much flavor of its own, but it does absorb the flavor in which it is used excellently and it is also packed with minerals. Furthermore, the judas ear mushroom powder has a jelly-like and rubbery texture. This is very popular with the Chinese and Japanese and is therefore widely used in those cuisines. Westerners often make less use of this chewy bite of the mushroom.

Premium Jelly Ear Mushroom Powder Auricularia judae Organic

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