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What exactly are probiotics? The use of probiotic capsules

Probiotics are tiny living organisms, also known as microorganisms, that naturally survive in an animal or human body. There is nothing crazy about that. In fact, when taken in the right dosage, probiotics have a positive effect on health. Probiotics are good bacteria: bacteria that do not affect your health, but support it. Per day you need as many as 1-10 billion of these guys.

What goes on in the gastrointestinal tract?

In order to illustrate how probiotics work, it is important to first clarify what exactly takes place in the gastrointestinal tract.

In the gastrointestinal tract live many microorganisms. These are also called "gut microbiota. These intestinal microbiotas are involved in several crucial processes in the human body, including the housekeeping of energy, proper functioning of the digestive system, immune system, and brain functions.

Bowel microbiota in imbalance

If there is balance in gut microbiota then beneficial and harmful bacteria keep each other in complete balance. It may also be the case that there is an imbalance. This takes place, for example, when there are more harmful bacteria indications in the gastrointestinal tract than intestinal microbiota.

This imbalance can be caused by the use of drugs (antibiotics), but also by a (sedentary) lifestyle with lots of carbohydrates and fats.

probiotics restore the balance

If there is a (large) disruption in the microbiota of the gastrointestinal tract you can use probiotics to restore the balance. It's like adding weights to a pair of scales so that one scale no longer tips over, but the scales keep each other perfectly balanced.

Where are probiotics?

Probiotics can be found naturally in (fermented) dairy products, but the supplements from Naturaplaza can also help. With the probiotic products in our range, you are able to restore the natural balance in your gastrointestinal flora. Give your body that extra bit of love and attention so that you are optimally energetic and can concentrate well.

What are probiotic capsules?

The term probiotic capsules refers to capsules containing specific probiotic bacteria or yeasts. Probiotics promote intestinal flora.

In the Naturaplaza assortment you will find various natural probiotic supplements, including probiotic capsules from the brand Bio-Kult.

Why order probiotics?

Probiotics provide a perfect balance in the body. These good bacteria keep the potentially harmful bacteria in balance and allow you to be (or become) optimally healthy.

The balance can be disturbed by various factors, including by following a rigorous diet, when taking certain medications, if you have an illness under your belt, or by environmental factors. Supplements can provide a solution.

Probiotics of the Bio-Kult product line

Bio-Kult is known as a top producer of probiotic supplements. For that reason, Naturaplaza has several supplements from Bio-Kult in its range included.

Bio-Kult Candéa is a quality product with no less than 7 different strains of bacteria. It is also a grapefruit seed and garlic extract. Naturaplaza also offers the more 'regular' probiotics: you can find them conveniently classified under 'Bio-Kult Regular'. Probiotics are available in packages of 60 or 120 capsules.

Probiotics for kids from Bio-Kult

In our range, you will also find a probiotic formula specifically for babies and toddlers, plus young children. This form of probiotics consists of no less than 7 different strains, contains vitamin D3 and Omega 3 (to promote the immune system, in cooperation with Perplex (acacia gum and FOS). Of course, there are no artificial sugars, flavors or colours in this probiotic. Always store the probiotics at room temperature.

Do not exceed the daily dosage

Do not use more probiotics per day than prescribed. The line of products consists of dietary supplements that should be taken in combination with food in a normal diet. Supplements are part of a balanced diet but are not a replacement for the foods in your diet. Provided that you are pregnant and wish to use dietary supplements, you should first consult a physician.

Nut beneficial bacteria

p>There are several beneficial bacteria that can promote gastrointestinal tract function that is not included in probiotics. You can find these bacteria in yogurt, kefir, certain types of cheese (Hüttenkäse), in sauerkraut and pickle, among other things.

One drawback is that the high acidity in the gastrointestinal tract breaks down the bacteria in the above foods before they can reach the intestines alive. Probiotics from supplements do reach the intestines alive.

Health benefits probiotics

What the health benefits are for each probiotic varies a bit. However, you can roughly divide the health benefits of available probiotics into three different categories.

General effects probiotics

Probiotics provide improved "colonization resistance”. This means that administering active bacteria means that the number of beneficial bacteria in the stomach and gut increases.

Disease-causing organisms ('bad' bacteria) have less chance to cause damage. You stop the invasion of a hostile army, so to speak, by creating your own army that can deal with the aggressors.

The advantage is that you usually don't need to take a specific strain of bacteria to effectively fight the bad bacteria.

Frequent effects of probiotics

Frequent effects are said to occur when the effects of probiotics are only observed when they contain certain specific bacteria. These include, for example, the stimulation of vitamins, enzymes, and metabolites (produced from the metabolic process).

Health effects are only achieved if a probiotic is chosen that contains one or more of the specific bacteria to achieve the desired effect.

Special or unusual effects

Examples of special effects include reducing stress or improving energy and glucose metabolism. These are rare effects because they only evoke effects in a few specific strains of bacteria.

Buy probiotics

You can buy the ideal probiotics at Naturaplaza. Our range is broad and contains only the best probiotics, which are also pure nature, without added artificial substances.