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What are sports supplements? The use of sports supplements

Sports supplements are swallowed to increase the athletic performance of the athlete. You may have to think of doping, but that is definitely not what sports supplements are. They are natural substances that are generally completely harmless.

Sports supplements are completely legal. Of course, you have to be careful not to exceed the recommended maximum dosages, because then the health benefit may be lost. It may even be unhealthy.

Sorts of sports supplements

Sports supplements come in many different shapes and sizes, including powders, pills, capsules, and even whole drinks. They provide the body with a boost of nutrients, which are inadequately obtained from healthy food. Sports supplements' primary purpose is to improve your health. Better performance will then follow naturally.

The effect of sports supplements

Sports supplements are the "reinforcement troops" for the body: extra warriors in the form of vitamins and minerals that replenish the ranks in a (tired) body.

As a professional sportsman or woman, but also if you train fanatically on an amateur basis, you use more nutrients than the average person. This means that your body needs more of these substances in order to recover from the "attack" which a fanatical training session has on your body.

You'll be able to see the difference between the two. They make you feel fit again faster after a long workout to take on other tasks and it promotes the absorption of minerals and vitamins. Sports supplements also help to increase endurance. In short, they are essential for the healthy and balanced lifestyle of an athlete.

Supplements and vegetarians

Vegetarians and vegans also benefit from some types of sports supplements. These include, for example, protein shakes, which help to provide sufficient protein that a vegetarian or vegan diet has difficulty providing. Naturaplaza purposely avoids cheap sports supplements because they often contain chemical colouring and sweeteners.

Are sports supplements also for me?

Anyone who trains hard on a weekly basis can use an extra helping hand in muscle recovery and building muscle mass. Proteins, vitamins, and amino acids are the care that the body needs to recover optimally. Even people who do not exercise fanatically, but who struggle to get the daily prescribed amount of vitamins, can benefit from certain types of supplements.

When are sports supplements sensible?

You can use sports supplements if you are active in the gym twice or more often, or actively play a physical (a mind sport like chess is of course a different story) sport.

The supplements help your body recover. Recovery is necessary to prevent your muscles from becoming overloaded. Also, of course, use only healthy supplements, unhealthy (cheap) varieties can do more damage than good.

With the help of sports supplements, you can effectively throw yourself towards goals. Don't be afraid of being branded a 'cheater' - sports supplements are not doping, they are natural nutrients in concentrate form that suit a fanatical lifestyle.

They sometimes say that top-class sport is unhealthy by definition, but that doesn't mean you should let your body go to waste. On the contrary: it needs extra love.

Are your daily nutrient intakes too low? As a power athlete, you need extra protein, other people need vitamins or fish oil. Do you have problems with your bones, your muscles, your joints, or a certain injury? Even then supplements can be useful.

Sport supplements Naturaplaza

At Naturaplaza you will find many different types of sports supplements. These supplements all meet the highest quality standards and are specifically designed to improve athletic performance.

Are you active on a regular basis? Then supplements should not be missing from your daily diet. The sports supplements in our range are from the brand Puori, which has the ambition to develop nutritional qualities of the highest quality.

Sport supplements from Puori

Puori has the goal of creating pure nutritional supplements of the highest quality. The products are produced completely naturally and based on the latest scientific insights into the influence of supplements on performance in sport.

Sport supplements for a fit lifestyle

The mission of Puori fits perfectly with the vision of Naturaplaza. For this reason, we have included this quality brand in our assortment.

If you exercise (regularly), it has a big impact on your body, which can use some extra support. Our supplements play a crucial role in supporting your body. They provide an optimal vitamin balance in the body, so you feel optimally fit.

Scientific foundation

The sports supplements of Puori are all based on the latest scientific insights. Do you click on a supplement? Then you can immediately see all the details.

Puori is a serious player that strives to produce supplements of the highest quality. The Puori Omega 3 Fish Oil, for example, has been repeatedly awarded 5 out of 5 stars by the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) which monitors the quality of fish oil.

Puori Omega 3 Fish Oil

Puori's Omega 3 fish oil is derived from wild anchovies, which are caught entirely responsibly in the South Pacific. Puori's fish oil stands out in terms of freshness, purity of product, and stability of quality.

Watch out with supplements

Supplements are intended for supplemental daily use. That means you shouldn't use them to replace other foods in your diet.

This has to do, among other things, with the fact that while supplements contain high concentrations of active substances, they contain, for example, little to no fiber or calories and other substances the body needs. These substances can be found in the necessary amounts in 'regular' food.

Limits to supplement use

Are you pregnant and/or taking medication? Then it is advisable to first contact a doctor before you start taking supplements. It is not advisable to take supplements in every case. Also, you should not give children under 11 supplements. So store them somewhere where children cannot reach them, or hide them altogether.