Stevia powder

Stevia is a sweetener that is increasingly being used to replace sugar. The popularity of stevia is understandable, since sugar is increasingly seen as an evil-doer. On this page you will find various stevia powders of the highest quality.

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Stevia: a versatile sugar replacement

Stevia (not stivia) is a sweetener that is increasingly used to replace sugar. The popularity of stevia is understandable given that sugar is increasingly seen as a culprit. But what do you need to know about stevia? In this article, we explain what stevia is and that you can buy stevia in different types at Naturaplaza.

What is stevia?

Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute and is made from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana that originates from Brazil and Paraguay. Stevia has the active compounds steviol glycosides (mainly stevioside and rebaudioside), which have 30 to 150 times the sweetness of sugar. The body does not metabolize the glycosides in stevia, so it contains zero calories.

You notice the taste of Stevia gradually but it lasts longer than that of sugar, and some extracts can have a bitter or licorice-like aftertaste at high concentrations. The European Union approved stevia additives in 2011, while stevia has been widely used as a sweetener in Japan for decades.

A sweet wonder from South America

As a natural sweetener, stevia has proven health benefits. The green stevia leaf plant grows in South America and has been used there for centuries because of its properties. The indigenous peoples of countries like Paraguay have known for a long time about the value of this plant and they use it to flavour food and drink.

Traditionally, the green stevia leaves of the plants, often called sweet herb, are dried and used to sweeten mate, tea, and medicine. The sweetness of the product comes from the steviol glycosides in the leaves.

This process is similar to how other plant ingredients, such as sugar and vanilla extract, are obtained. The sweet molecules in the green stevia plant are extracted by soaking the dried leaves in water (like tea) and then separating and purifying the best tasting steviol glycosides.

The advantages of stevia over sugar

Stevia is a 100% all-natural sweetener with no calories. It serves as a healthier alternative to refined sugars. In addition to that, it has several health benefits.

Good for blood pressure and helps to fights diabetes

Increased blood pressure is a major risk factor for many deadly diseases. This includes heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. Stevia is good for blood pressure and maintains normal blood pressure.

One of the biggest health problems today is type II diabetes. Characterized by elevated blood sugar levels caused by insulin resistance. Stevia appears to improve the function of the hormone insulin, making it the ideal alternative to sugar.

Stevia also reduces the formation of bacteria in the mouth. That's why several brands of toothpaste and mouthwash add it to their formulas.

Ideal as a sugar substitute if you need to watch your weight

Plant-based and low-calorie stevia is highly recommended for a balanced diet to reduce sugar intake without giving up sweet foods. The root causes of overweight and obesity include factors such as prolonged sitting, physical inactivity coupled with high and frequent intake of foods filled with refined sugar.

Stevia is, therefore, ideal as a sweetener that still gives you the feeling of eating sweet. It's also good to know that research shows that stevia has no calories or carbohydrates and therefore it has no effect on blood glucose.

Buy stevia powder now and enjoy all the benefits right away

Stevia is therefore not only a tasty and natural sweetener, stevia has many health benefits. Give it a try if you want to reduce your sugar intake without giving up all sweetness.

Stevia is a natural sweetener with proven health benefits. Stevia can bring wonders to the diet, especially when you need to reduce your sugar intake.

Stevia extract powder: the concentrated sugar substitute

Delicious sugar-free baked goods can now easily be made with Stevia extract powder from Naturaplaza. Stevia extract is also very suitable for coffee, tea, and lemonade. Stevia in powder form is a great alternative to table sugar. Moreover, it has a delicious taste that is more intense than sugar.

Which sweeteners are best?

The stevia sweeteners from Naturaplaza are a suitable alternative to aspartame sweeteners or sugar. RebA60 and RebA97 are the two types of stevia sweeteners that we have in our assortment. RebA97 sweeteners have a sweeter taste and are perceived by many people as less bitter than the RebA60 sweeteners. Which stevia sweetener tastes best varies from person to person.

A sugar substitute without harmful additives

Because the Stevia is extracted from the leaves of the plant, it is a natural product. The Stevia powder of Naturaplaza also meets all European organic guidelines. This means that there are no additives such as maltodextrin.

Because the Naturaplaza stevia powder has a glycemic index (GI) of 0 (zero) it is very suitable for diabetics. Get inspired on the website by the many different recipes for which you can use stevia powder.

Choose from different extracts from the stevia plant

Stevia powder is available in different concentrations. Naturaplaza has the highest quality which is based on the concentrated extracts from the leaves of the Stevia plant. Try the stevia extract that best suits your taste and diet. We have a suitable stevia powder for every dish and every drink.

Stevia where to buy? At Naturaplaza!

If you need to watch your weight, stevia powder is, therefore, an ideal alternative and an ideal way to avoid sugar. It has the consistency and versatility of sugar. Fortunately, it does not have side effects and is great to use in coffee, tea, or a healthy smoothie. So buy stevia powder now which is therefore calorie-free and gluten-free.

Buy Stevia? You can at Naturaplaza in granulated form. Discover recipes that allow you to easily create the most delicious dishes, meals, and drinks. Be inspired by the delicious recipes that can be found on our site.