Tealight Himalayan Salt Heart Model 0.6 kg

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Pro's & cons
  • Made from natural Himalayan salt from mines in Pakistan
  • Can be used as table salt, in dishes, as bath salt, and for inhalation
  • Emits negative ions and balances the ion equilibrium in your living room

From the heart of the mountain a heart

This tealight is a finely ground chunk of himalayan salt in the shape of a heart, weighing 600g.

Made from lumps of Himalayan salt

The Himalayan salt is predominantly pink in colour and comes from mines in Pakistan, in the foothills of the Himalayas. Its pink colour is due to the presence of iron minerals.

The extraction of Himalayan salt

The salt is mined from mines in areas where there was sea millions of years ago. The salt was deposited there in times before humans polluted the seas, so this salt is very clean and pure.

Applications of himalayan salt

Himalayan salt can be consumed as table salt, processed in dishes, used as bath salts and inhaled with salt pipes. Another application is processing salt chunks into salt lamps or tea lights. A good property of himalayan salt is that it emits negative ions when heated. Negative ions neutralise positive ions and these are emitted by all kinds of electronic equipment in your home. With these tea light holders from Naturaplaza, you can bring the ion balance in your living room back into balance. Moreover, the pink salt radiates a warm and cosy light.

Please note:

This is a NATURAL product, so colours and nuances may vary from the picture. The colour may be lighter or darker. Himalayan salt is hygroscopic and therefore absorbs moisture. So always store and use these tealights in a dry place.

Where do I buy tealights?

You can buy tealights at Naturaplaza of course. In our web shop you can buy tealights in convenient consumer packs or in slightly larger quantities of usually 1 kg. Subscribe to our newsletter and don't miss out on any tealights offers.

A Tealight Himalayan Salt Heart Model 0.6 kg from Naturaplaza

Did you know that Naturaplaza is one of the oldest providers of natural salt lamps from Pakistan? Naturaplaza has been offering a wide range of different designs since 2012. From coarsely chopped lamps to stylishly cut geometric shapes in all sizes and hues.

Thesetealights are an addition to your health!

A salt lamp can support your health in many ways. They spread small salt particles in the room, which have a positive effect on breathing. A warm salt lamp also emits negative ions. These negative ions neutralise the effect of positive ions that are spread around the room by all kinds of electronic equipment. This can improve your energy level and reduce stress.

Make it cozy at home!

This Tealight Himalayan Salt Heart Model 0.6 kg is not only good for your health, but is also an excellent atmosphere maker in your living room or bedroom. The Himalayan salt from which the lamp is made gives a warm and often orange-like light, which creates a very cozy atmosphere in the house.

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More Information
Article number 30179-conf
Colour Pink
Recommended Use Use a tea light for an atmospheric effect
Special Characteristics Conventioneel, 100% Natuurlijk
Country of cultivation Pakistan
Brand Holyflavours
HS-Code 25010091
Private Label possible? Yes
Material Salt crystals
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