Denttabs - Toothbrush chewing tablets without fluoride 125 pieces

Denttab's Stevia toothbrush chewable tablets are recommended by dentists and dental hygienists for optimal oral hygiene. The vegetable toothbrush tablets from Denttabs is toothpaste that is extremely suitable against plaque, bad breath, etc.
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    Toothpaste without fluoride

    Denttabs toothbrush chewable tablets without fluoride are specially designed for ultra-smooth and shiny teeth.

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    The chewable tablets are durable, egological and have a German quality mark for natural and animal-friendly cosmetics.

    A box of Denttabs contains 125 chewable tablets without fluoride. The box is light, practical and fits easily in your pocket, handbag or hand luggage plane. Ideally suited for children and adults who are not allowed to take liquid toothpaste on a business trip, vacation or last-minute trip. Also, view our range for healthy and natural care

    These toothbrush tablets contain Stevia extract (stevioside). This is a sweet-tasting plant that, together with the natural aroma and menthol, provides a fresh mint flavor in your mouth.

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