Himalayan Salt Lamp Coarse 4-6 kg

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    Naturaplaza Himalaya Salt lamp 4-6 kilos

    Once you have the Naturaplaza Himalaya Salt Lamp 4-6 kilos in your living or working space, you will never want anything else. These salt lamps with a height of approximately 20 centimeters can contribute to your health and well-being. The air in every living space is purified by the action of the negative ions. This may be necessary because all of our electrical equipment and displays emit radiation that can be harmful to our health. When you place a salt lamp in your living space, it is possible that you feel more vital, get more energy and suffer less from physical discomfort.

    Positive and negative ions

    Without knowing it, your living or working space can contain a large number of positive ions. The word 'Positive' is somewhat misleading herein. Electronic equipment and displays emit a high concentration of positive ions. This can cause you to suffer from various health complaints. Our Naturaplaza salt lamps, on the other hand, give off many negative ions. Negative ions can possibly help restore the balance in your living environment. Due to the possible beneficial effect of these lamps, the physical complaints mentioned can decrease.

    Salt lamp as a unique natural product

    Our salt lamps are all handmade by hand from natural salts from the Himalayas. This means that the salt lamp ordered by you will differ from the image on our site. Not in terms of weight and dimensions, of course, but in terms of colors, nuances and design. The colors can be lighter or darker. If you prefer a particular type of shade, please feel free to contact us. We always try to provide you with the color shade of your preference. Whatever your preference, you are always assured of a unique and attractive ambiance.

    Cleaning advice

    Because the lamp is made of salt and dissolves salt in water, you cannot wipe this lamp with water or a wet cloth.

    Use the vacuum cleaner and / or a soft dry brush to wipe the lamp. You can also use a microfibre cloth.

    Disclaimer: The above information is NOT medical or therapeutic advice. Any textual errors reserved.

    Where do I buy himalayan salt lamps?

    You can buy himalayan salt lamps at Naturaplaza of course. In our web shop you can order himalayan salt lamps in convenient consumer packs or in slightly larger quantities of usually 1 kg. Subscribe to our newsletter and don't miss out on any himalayan salt lamps offers.

    A Himalayan Salt Lamp Coarse 4-6 kg from Naturaplaza

    Did you know that Naturaplaza is one of the oldest providers of natural salt lamps from Pakistan? Naturaplaza has been offering a wide range of different designs since 2012. From coarsely chopped lamps to stylishly cut geometric shapes in all sizes and hues.

    Thesehimalayan salt lamps are an addition to your health!

    A salt lamp can support your health in many ways. They spread small salt particles in the room, which have a positive effect on breathing. A warm salt lamp also emits negative ions. These negative ions neutralise the effect of positive ions that are spread around the room by all kinds of electronic equipment. This can improve your energy level and reduce stress.

    Make it cozy at home!

    This Himalayan Salt Lamp Coarse 4-6 kg is not only good for your health, but is also an excellent atmosphere maker in your living room or bedroom. The Himalayan salt from which the lamp is made gives a warm and often orange-like light, which creates a very cozy atmosphere in the house.

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