Himalaya Salt lamp Model Heart 7-8 kg

The pleasant light shades relax, stimulate the creativity and joy of life. This heart shaped lamp is great fun for collectors, women and children. We offer our salt lamps in different sizes and shapes.
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Salt lamp himalayan salt heart - 5-6kg

Be kind to your health and that of others with the Naturaplaza salt lamp himalayan salt heart - 5-6kg. The pleasant light shades of this salt lamp can stimulate creativity. Above all, this heart-shaped salt lamp radiates a lot of love, making it particularly suitable for collectors, women and children. In addition to heart-shaped salt lamps, Naturaplaza has many other shapes and sizes of Naturaplaza salt lamps in the range. View them at your leisure on our site and choose the salt lamp that best suits you or your loved one.

Discover the power of natural salt

Natural salts are unrefined salts. This means that all minerals and trace elements are often still present in natural salt. That is why we advise you to use natural salt while eating. Himalayan salt is an excellent example of this. This salt is also called the salt of salts and that is not without reason. Our salt lamps, for example, are made of pure Himalayan salt and can have a positive effect on your health. This is because they emit negative ions. These negative ions can restore the balance in your living and working spaces. These are nowadays full of electronic devices that emit positive ions. A surplus of positive ions can cause many physical discomforts.

That's how you radiate love

You radiate love with our heart-shaped salt lamps. Because you want the best for the health of both those present and your own. The ionic effect of salt lamps can contribute to well-being. This way you can feel more energetic and vital when there is a salt lamp in your living or working space.

Cleaning advice

Because the lamp is made of salt and salt dissolves in water, you cannot wipe this lamp with water or a wet cloth.

Use the vacuum cleaner and/or a soft dry brush to wipe the lamp. You can also use a microfibre cloth.

Disclaimer: The above information is NOT medical or therapeutic advice. Any textual errors reserved.

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