Himalaya Salt lamp Model Obelisk 4 kg

Salt lamp Himalayan salt 3-4 kilos, height approx. 30 cm. Beautiful salt lamp with a special shape for your living room. Brings a soothing atmosphere with bright white-pink to warm orange light. This lamp purifies the air through the ionic effect.
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    Himalayan salt lamp

    The salt lamp has pleasant warm tones for relaxation and can support concentration to think clearly. The salt lamp can also stimulate creativity. The lamp has a special effect and shape and is different from all other lamps.

    The salt lamp has a special effect. Due to the material of the salt lamp, the balance of the atmosphere can be restored by radiating negative ions. More and more electrical appliances are used in our environment. Electric appliances and screens emit positive ions.

    An excess of positive ions is caused by, among other things, screens and other electronic devices. Too many positive ions can have an effect on the body

    A salt lamp has a high concentration of negative ions. Negative ions can restore the balance in the living and working atmosphere. The effect of the salt lamp may reduce the negative effects on the body. There are then fewer positive ions in the living or working atmosphere, due to the negative ions of the salt lamp.


    The salt lamp comes with fitting, cord with pressure switch and a lamp. The lamp is about 30 cm high. The salt lamp is packed in a plastic wrap and a sturdy cardboard box.


    Put the salt lamp in your bedroom, living room, study or the office. These are the rooms where you find the most and want to relax or where you need to concentrate. If you have a large room, we recommend that you place the lamp close to you or put several lamps in the room for the best effect.

    Storage advice / shelf life:

    It is best to place the salt lamp in a dry place.

    Cleaning advice

    Because the lamp is made of salt and dissolves salt in water, you cannot wipe this lamp with water or a wet cloth.

    Use the vacuum cleaner and / or a soft dry brush to wipe the lamp. You can also use a microfibre cloth.

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