Inca Sun Salt Granulate 1-3 mm

This Inca sun salt comes from the highlands of the Peruvian Andes (also called Andean salt). It is still mined in the same way as in the time of the Incas. The salty water from a ver… Read on below...
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Origins of Inca Sun Salt

This solar salt comes from the high plateaus of the Peruvian Andes and is therefore also called Andean salt. The solar salt is still extracted in the same way as it was done in the period of the Incas. The water from a strong salt source near Macha Picchu is led through about 1500 plateau-shaped basins. With the help of sunlight, the salt can concentrate in 10-centimetre-deep pools. After a few weeks, the solar salt is so concentrated that it is ready to be harvested. This Inca salt is a delicacy that is dried in the sun, just like Fleur de sel salt. Particularly noteworthy is the great purity of the source, from which the basins are fed.

Taste and use

The source originates at an altitude of 3000 meters and thus far away from populated areas. This makes the salt very pure. This salt has a light yellow colour, has a high mineral content and has a mild taste. This makes Inca solar salt suitable as a classic table salt and it can be used on various dishes, such as fish and vegetable dishes.

Specific Properties Inca Solar Salt:

  • <95% NaCI.
  • 3.7% Ca.
  • 0.03% Mg.
  • 0.42% SO4
  • 10.3 mg Iodine
  • 1.5 mg Zinc
  • 190 mg Potassium.

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