salt lamp Himalayan Model Rose 3-4 kg

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Salt lamp Himalayan saltÿ4-5 kilo, height ca.ÿ17.5ÿcm.Niceÿround salt lamp for your living room. Provides a soothing atmosphere with bright white-pink to warm orange light. This lamp purifies the air through the ionic effect.

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Salt lamp Himalayan rose 4-5 kg

The Naturaplaza salt lamp Himalayan rose 4-5 kg is a model of beautiful handicraft. This rose-shaped lamp is made entirely of salt and has a beautiful structure. This completes every interior in a particularly atmospheric way. The salt lamp adds a soothing ambiance due to the bright white-pink to warm orange light effect. In addition, this salt lamp also emits negative ions so that it can purify the air in your living room. As a result, you may notice that you feel better about yourself. You can also wake up feeling rested when placed in your bedroom. So treat yourself to this beautiful salt lamp or give it a loved one as a unique gift.

Air purifying natural product

Where roses fill the air with wonderful scents, this rose-shaped salt lamp does this with negative ions. Nowadays there are various electronic devices in our living rooms and bedrooms. These devices and displays radiate positive ions. When the air in your living environment contains too many positive ions, you can feel tired and irritable. By placing the Naturaplaza salt lamp in your living room or bedroom, the air may be stripped of the excess of positive ions. The negative effects can then be reduced.

Unique natural product

The salt lamps from the Naturaplaza range are made from salts from the Himalayas. Because they are made by hand, no salt lamp is the same. This also applies to this rosy salt lamp. On average, the lamp has a weight of 4 to 5 kilos and has a height of approximately 17.5 centimeters. In terms of colors, nuances and precise design, however, they vary piece by piece. For example, one copy is just a bit lighter in color than the lamp in the image and the other one is a bit darker.


Cleaning advice

Because the lamp is salt and salt dissolves in water, you cannot wipe this lamp with water or a wet cloth.

Use the vacuum cleaner and / or a soft dry brush to remove the lamp. Optionally, you can also use a microfiber duster.

Disclaimer: The information above is NOT medical or therapeutic advice. Any textual errors reserved.

More Information
Article number 43550-conf
Productshape Accessoiries
Colour Pink
Special Characteristics Conventioneel, 100% Natuurlijk
Country of cultivation Pakistan
Brand Naturaplaza
HS-Code 25010091
Private Label possible? No
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