Tea Light Himalayan Salt Feng Shui 0.6 kg

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    Himalayan salt origin

    Himalayan salt is traditionally considered to be particularly precious and medicinal in its region of origin, the south-western Himalayas. According to tradition, it dates back to the creation of the heavens and the earth from the primordial water. Deep inside the Himalayas, primordial water was transformed into salt crystal, in which creative power is stored.

    Himalayan Tea Light

    Himalayan tea lights give a special atmosphere to your living room or other space. The light creates a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere.

    Benefits of Feng Shui (and other) Himalayan Tea Lights

    The Himalayan salt works as a natural air purifier, gives a warm and positive atmosphere to the room and helps to promote sleep. The pleasant light in the natural colour tones white to orange, the salt tealights have a stimulating and relaxing effect, they stimulate creativity and the joy of life. White light, for example, supports concentration and creates a clear head. An ideal place for your salt tea light is on your desk, or in the living room or bedroom. Salt tea lights are not only beautiful, but also enhance creativity. This spherical feng shui model radiates harmony.

    Premium Tea Light Himalayan Salt Feng Shui 0.6 kg

    Tea Light Himalayan Salt Feng Shui 0.6 kg from Holyflavours isa product of premium quality. It was created with consideration and care for people and nature.

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